Quality. More than testing.

Testing is important. And yet there are more aspects of taking care of the quality. There are countless ways to improve the quality of the software, which Agile or DevOps showed.

It’s worth expanding our horizon about the matter, and Testwarez seems to be just the right place for that. Let’s talk about quality as a whole, from improvements in old processes to testing new, exotic technologies like web 3.0. There is plenty of space for your stories.

Our attendees will gladly join workshops in the following fields:

  • Event storming,
  • API testing (for example, graphQL)
  • Security testing
  • Change management
  • Time management
  • Modern Web Testing
  • Anything else that you’d like to share

Inspire our audience with presentations and discussions about:

  • Testing Craftsmanship
  • Testing of infrastructure
  • Process improvement
  • FinOps
  • Web 3.0, NFT
  • SRE and Observability
  • How to introduce new techniques and technologies
  • Modern Web Testing
  • And other


Deadline: 08.05 (workshops)

Deadline: 15.05 (lectures)

Answers: / when you can expect information from submission committee.

How to make a good proposal

  1. Prepare your submission and explain what you’d like to share with attendees and how you’d like to do it.
  2. Please include in your entry the following:
    • Targeted audience (seniority, experience, specific technology)
    • The goal of the presentation/workshops (technology introduction, case study presentation, sharing a mindset, demo)
    • Key takeaways for the audience
    • Importance and uniqueness

Remember: this CFP is for the program committee only. After we approve your entry, you will have an opportunity to prepare new promotion materials targeted to the audience.