Dawid Pacia

Trainer Test Automation, API and Python, Engineering Manager

Who I am

1/3 QA, 1/3 Python, 1/3 Lead. Tech freak following all the newest technologies (and implementing them on his own). Fan of the Agile approach to project management and products.

What I do

Leading and supporting the best and the happiest QA team! Actively speaking (and traveling) around the world (combining both passions). Organizer and originator of the first regular Ukrainian QA meetup, “UkrainQA.”

What I like

🐈, #cofeeWithPeople, #goodFoodAndDrinks, #newTechnologies, #DiscworldWorld, #sharingKnowlege, #AgileApproach, #improvementsEverywhere, 🐱


Sala B Room B

Take a REST, let's talk about GraphQL

Over the years there, more and more client-server ways of communication appear. Some of them organically disappear when others are widely adopted. What's more important, some of them are used simultaneously in a single company or a single product. That also forces us to understand them (and key differences) rather than focusing on just a single one. Yet before we get into details there should be one small note: SOAP is a protocol, REST is an architectural style, while GraphQL, as we can see from the "QL" in its name, is a query language. 

However, that is just the theory - time to jump into practice!

During the workshop, we will go through GraphQL main concepts. I will show you how to manage testing flows efficiently and build valuable assertions. You will also understand how to work with variables (in fact, nobody likes fully hardcoded test data). Last but not least you will have a chance to easily parametrize queries and separate them from main body.


For the simplicity purpose, we will use Postman.


Sala B Room B

Take a REST, let's talk about GraphQL