Olivier Denoo

Olivier is the VP of ps_testware SAS, the French subsidiary of ps_testware group. His role is to develop business, recruit the local expert team, build sustainable partnerships, promote software testing and quality.
He is also involved in auditing test projects and organizations and provides high-level consultancy and support.
He is, since May 2019, the president of the ISTQB.
Olivier is also the President of the CFTL - the French ISTQB Board and official IREB representative.
For 25 years he is an international speaker who spoke at A4Q World Conference, Geekle QA, iSQE, Test-IT Africa; SQA-days; BA-days; JFIE; TestWarez; SEETEST; STF; Iqnite; JFTL; JMTL; JTTL; Analyst-days; Quality Week; Eurostar; DasiaÖ
He's also actively participating in the development of new certification schemes, like IQBBA (Business Analysis) or IREB (requirements engineering) and is co author of various books and articles on software testing.
http://www.olivier-denoo.net // olivier.denoo@pstestware.com


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