Sebastián Víquez López

QA Lead | DevOps Consultant | Automation Specialist | Agile Trainer | Speaker

Currently work as Lead QA and DevOps Consultant for different projects on different frameworks. I'm also an Agile Evangelist/Trainer and a Blockchain enthusiastic.

Member of the Hispanic America Software Testing Qualifications Board https://www.hastqb.org/

2022 ISTQB Award of Excellence 8 world Finalist!

I'm also into writing, most of it related to Automation frameworks and AI. One of the recent published articles was done for Applitools > https://applitools.com/blog/visual-ai-vs-pixel-matching-dom-based-comparisons/

At a personal level, father of two beautiful daughters. Love to spend time with my family and do Jiu Jitsu every day.


Sala Balowa Ballroom

Blockchain Testing Frameworks Challenges